HYER LEARNING & DIAGNOSTICS  offers a variety of efficient, effective and enduring interventions to learning.

We help connect speech sounds for improved attention, talking, listening, memory, and reading.

We use research-based and clinically supported methods to build stronger communication, language and reading skills - for all ages.


Current research has established that early speech and language skills are the foundation on which written language is learned. While there are no easy answers or quick solutions for optimizing a child's learning potential, an extensive knowledge base now exists to show us the skills children must learn in order to make measurable gains, especially in language and reading.

Language is developed on a continuum. Understanding, expressing, reading and writing skills are not separate entities; they are a culmination of learning from birth. Today, we are fortunate to be able to identify issues early and provide individualized treatment with remarkable success. Science has allowed us to raise the bar and expect more from ourselves as therapists, and in return expect much more for our clients. 

As leaders in assessing individual strengths and weaknesses through comprehensive testing, we are able to develop a therapeutic plan specific to your child's needs. By integrating a child's history, current skill levels and your family goals, we are able to implement successful programs which help close the gap - not just manage the problems.